Workshop Module 6  Harmonizing and Balancing Your Relationships, The Energetic Way


This interactive hands-on workshop provides a step by step approach to bring about harmony and balance in relationship through the energetic process. We will identify and discuss the communication pitfalls,  learn the art of communicating effectively, explore how to bring about and reap the benefits of a win/ win outcome, and  highlight various factors that affect relationships such as power and control  and emotional elements.

You will learn:

  • how to use your gifts/talents/ attributes that you have such as acceptance, faith, visualization, etc to address the negative elements;
  • how you can single-handedly harmonize relationships/ situations effectively;
  • how to use the self-empowerment process to harmonize and balance relationships;
  • what is Divine Plan, and what purpose it serves;
  • the relationship between the Divine Plan and free will and how it impacts your experiences;
  • How to use the Divine Plan to foster inner peace and bring about a paradigm shift that will harmonize and balance all relationships.

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