Workshop Module 4  How to Manifest Effectively



Manifestation is a process by which, through the power of thoughts, we bring forth experiences in our lives that we seek, be they physical, material or spiritual in nature. It is a package deal which comprises the good, bad and the ugly elements. In an interactive hands-on workshop, you will learn how to manifest exactly what you want without the undesired elements, be it for harmonious relationship, a dream job, financial stability, healthy lifestyle or any positive outcome.

You will learn how: 

  • to stay clear of the identified common pitfalls;
  • to apply the principles of energy;
  • discernment plays a role in manifestation;
  • to recognize the role of karma in manifesting;
  • to use the power of your thoughts together with the appropriate choice of words and bring to fruition in your life abundance of health, wealth, happiness, joy and peace.



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