Workshop Module 3

Releasing Unpleasant states such as Fear, Anger, Guilt, Low Self-esteem, etc.


In this interactive workshop-like environment, you will understand the significance of these unpleasant states that we’ve acquired over a period of time; the purpose these conditions serve in your growth;  and how do to overcome these states to foster your well-being. You will recognize that these states are present in most people, albeit to a varying degree. You will learn:

  • What are e-motions?
  • How these e-motions impact you.
  • Factors contributing to these states.
  • What purpose it serves in your life?
  • How you can eliminate these states.
  • Replace unpleasant states with love and joy.
  • Step by step approach to transforming negative e-motions into positive ones.
  • The role of Divine Plan in eradicating unpleasant states and achieving inner peace.
  • How to attract positive experiences to attain inner peace.
  • How to work with 100% of the energy.
  • The role of facades in your life, when to let go of them and rediscover the Real You.


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