Workshops Module 1

 Letting Go of False Ego and Embracing Happiness in the Real You


This interactive workshop is geared to address the needs of forward-looking people who wish to position themselves for rapid personal and spiritual growth. They recognize the need to let go of the self-centered old ways of doing things that no longer work for them and embrace and learn new heart-centered ways of dealing with life .

Through an interactive environment, you will learn:

  • how the self-centered elements of fear, false ego, and the negative emotions such as anger, doubt, guilt, self-pity, victim consciousness, insecurity restrict your personal growth;
  • the benefits of faith, unconditional love, acceptance, divine plan that are heart-centered, liberate you from the bonds of self-limitations;
  • to distinguish between true guidance and false ego.

The Workshop encourages everybody to participate and reinvent oneself and use an innovative approach that is unique to each individual. You will learn to stand in your divine power and let the divinity work through you bringing about harmony and balance; transforming the personal and work environment into one that fosters cooperation and good will to implement in every aspect of your daily life.


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