Case Studies


unnamed (25)Valentine, after years of sickness, was diagnosed as having bi-polar syndrome. She was on maximum dosage of prescription medication for 10 years. She couldn’t hold a steady job, she had no friends and she even doubted her own family in spite of their love and support. Over the years, her condition worsened and she was at the threshold of suicide.

At this juncture, she made a conscious decision to turn things around and decided to give Reiki a try; there was nothing to loose. She worked diligently with Reiki and over the years has been medication-free. Her healing and growth have catapulted and she has attained the status of a Reiki Master and has dedicated her life in service to humanity.


1459694fbv Jim, a gentleman in his sixties, had experienced stroke and his left side was paralyzed. He had difficulty walking and was experiencing enormous challenge negotiating the stairways. Consequently when he came down, he would stay downstairs until it was time to retire at night. Complementing the medical treatment, he received a series of Reiki treatments. He was able to go up and down the stairways with little to no discomfort and a few months later, he was flying abroad to conduct his business.




floAmy, a lady in her forties, was informed that she needed to undergo gallbladder surgery. Being fearful of surgery, she was willing to try anything. She was given a few Reiki treatments and was provided guidance to help heal her condition. She diligently worked with guidance and when she went for a check up, she was told that surgery was no longer required as her gallbladder functioned satisfactorily.




FloweSam, was throwing up blood and was rushed to the emergency as his liver was experiencing functional difficulty. After extensive testing, it was confirmed that his condition with respect to the psoriasis of the liver had deteriorated significantly. He was admitted to the hospital where he received medical treatment and was administered several pints of blood. He was throwing out blood as fast as they could administer it. The hospital informed the family that there was nothing more they could do and advised them to send for a priest to administer the last rites.

His wife called informing us of the situation and asked that we visit him. We set out to visit Sam—an eight-hour journey by car. When we arrived at the hospital we were shocked to see his grave state. We placed our hand on the shoulder and announced our presence. He opened his eyes briefly as if to acknowledge our presence. We had initiated the Reiki process from home, followed by hands-on and long distance Reiki for 10 days. He healed rapidly and soon thereafter, he was discharged from the hospital. He continued his medication and with periodic Reiki sessions, went on to continue living reasonably well for over four years.


Nature_Nicole, seeing her life challenges, decided to come to Reiki. After undergoing Reiki I initiation, she diligently used Reiki for a wide range of challenges in the physical, mental, emotional and relationship sectors. The benefits derived were as follows:

She experienced her self-limiting belief systems slowly fading away, accepting herself totally for who she is including her strengths and shortcomings. This allowed her true Nature to surface.

In relationships involving conflict and fear, she performed self Reiki and eliminated negative thoughts and expectations. It allowed her to communicate effectively with love. She viewed their negative patterns as a temporary weakness. With consistant love and nurturing, the relationship healed, and brought about understanding of herself, eliminating self-doubt.

She used the Power of intention along with total acceptance of the Divine Plan and brought about a transformational change from “ego-centric” approach to “heart-centered” approach.

She uses Reiki to cleanse her aura. This intensifies her meditation experience allowing her to go deeper within her being and brings about more focused prayers.

She is currently exploring the possibility undergoing Reiki Master training, given that commitment is an essential component to becoming a Reiki Master in the Traditional Usui System. She intends to use Reiki as a medium to help others, whilst she remains focused and committed to her journey of self-mastery.


werDolly‘s life was falling apart sixteen years ago due to the enormous stress from her husband’s faltering business. Her physical and mental state deteriorated culminating in her giving up driving. She developed pain in her left shoulder, and the specialist recommended and booked her for surgery. Meanwhile she elected to take alternative therapies. She underwent massage and Reiki treatments. She healed completely and surgery was not carried out. She has been pain-free for the last 15 years. She now does weights and is functioning well.

Additionally, for years, she was under treatment with doctors and dermatologists, for skin problems without progress. Over time, the condition worsened – her whole body was covered with blisters and the pain was unbearable. Doctors could not diagnose the problem and they indicated that it was due to stress. She was on high dosages of prescription medication but to no avail. With Reiki, home remedies, and nurturing over a period of time she was totally healed of her skin problem and to date there are no signs of return.


flowTom has shoulder and hip problems due to his advanced age, for an extended period of time. He has been on traditional medication with limited success. On the advice of his spouse, he decided to try Reiki for the first time. He received regular Reiki treatments for some six months and has full joint movements without pain.




flo1Natasha, a career professional, had returned from her oversees work in a third world country and was experiencing extensive chronic health-related and relationship challenges. She felt that everything in her life was falling apart and wanted to address her physical and mental state. She underwent regular Reiki treatments together with nurturing, coaching and support, and was initiated into Reiki I. Being dedicated towards her personal growth, she worked diligently with Reiki self-treatments, participated regularly in our weekly Reiki-share program and was initiated in Reiki II. In the process, she has overcome chronic osteoporosis condition through alternative therapies and effectively released all past hurts, pains, fear, anger, resentments, etc. She has made a career change that complements her Being, further accelerating her growth. She now experiences a healthier life-style. Her enormous positive transformation has set her on the road to self-mastery.