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ONE EARTH is a new Canadian company with a dream to build a movement that works together to create pathways out of poverty and a celebration of age old skills. It supports and builds co-ops in disadvantaged countries around the world, creating jobs and opportunity for artisans.  

In a village, high in the Andes of Peru, only 4% of the children went to school…now, due to increased incomes resulting from ONE EARTH’S unique products, 100% of the children attend! In Morocco, with the construction of new schools, many more children have the opportunity of daily education, something we take for granted. Increased village wealth, at a hand-blown glass factory in China, was used to build a water treatment plant. These are a few examples of People helping People.

We are passionate about empowering people, allowing the opportunity for  communities to grow and change lives! For more information and how you can be a World Changer, visit
We believe we all share One Earth