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In love and in Gratitude, we state: THAT NO PERSON WILL BE REFUSED BASED ON THEIR ABILITY TO PAY. We have embraced “suggested heart offering” as our means of payment for services rendered. In our current society, there are those who are fortunate and others who are not. We recognize that the spiritual growth is for all humanity, and not the privileged few.


This all-embracing concept has been established in the spirit of goodwill and with respect for all. We hope that in the spirit of generosity, those who have the means can contribute more to offset for those who cannot. In the event where the designated payment is not possible, we are open to ARRANGE A FORM OF PAYMENT AND/ OR EXCHANGE.


In the universe, the total amount of energy remains constant, only its form changes. On the planet, we have adopted monetary exchange as a means of energy transfer for our products we produce and sell, and the services we provide. Thus, to retain balance and harmony in the universe, our service charges take into consideration the time, quality and quantity of energy dispensed and its benefit to the recipient.

We provide a wide range of life-transforming, business-transforming, all-encompassing, practical workshops and services that address varying clientele needs in the personal or work environment. They’re aimed at individual and groups of all ages and all levels of understanding, from the beginner stage to the advanced stage for healing, self-healing, personal growth, self-empowerment and self-mastery. They include, among others, sectors in health, personal growth, and relationship, that are aimed at bringing about a paradigm shift from “I the Doer” to “I the Instrument”, the essential element for change in consciousness.



  • PROVIDE HANDS-ON REIKI TREATMENTS for healing, personal growth and self-empowerment to adults, seniors, children, pets. Reiki treatment is non-intrusive and the effectiveness of Reiki is independent of one’s belief system. The only criteria is the willingness to receive the healing energy. A traditional full-body treatment requires 60 minutes, though treatments may vary in duration. The Reiki treatment reduces/ eliminates mental chatter, induces a sense of calmness and brings the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of one’s Being into harmony and balance. It deals with the root cause of the condition, setting in motion a healing process that has the potential to heal the person whole and complete. Once healed, the person is healed for life.


  • PROVIDE LONG DISTANCE REIKI TREATMENTS  for healing, personal growth and self-empowerment to persons who cannot be present physically, be they in your area or anywhere around the world ‒ time and space are of no consequence. It is very effective and the benefits are the same as those for HANDS-ON REIKI.


  • PROVIDE QUANTUM SOUND THERAPY sessions for personal, group and business environments as follows:
    • PERSONAL ENVIRONMENT: Personal Sound Frequency (PSF) for individuals and Group Sound Frequency (GSF) for family and group
    •  BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT: Group Sound Frequency (GSF) for all employees to foster a harmonious and collaborate work space for optimum performance. Personal Sound Frequency (PSF) for employees to foster unity consciousness in work space by removing blockages that hold them back in their performance.