• PROVIDE HANDS-ON REIKI TREATMENTS for healing, personal growth and self-empowerment to adults, seniors, children, pets and plants. Reiki treatment is non-intrusive and the effectiveness of Reiki is independent of one’s belief system. The only criteria is the willingness to receive the healing energy. A traditional full-body treatment requires 60 minutes, though treatments may vary in duration. The Reiki treatment reduces/ eliminates mental chatter, induces a sense of calmness and brings the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of one’s Being into harmony and balance. It deals with the root cause of the problem, thereby eradicating the underlining condition and healing the person whole and complete. Once healed, the person is healed for life.

• Provide Long Distance Reiki Treatments for healing, personal growth and self-empowerment to persons who cannot be present physically, be they in your area or anywhere around the world ‒ time and space are of no consequence. It is very effective and the benefits are the same as those for HANDS-ON REIKI.