Reiki For Kids

The children of  the new generation are different.  They possess enormous gifts, have compelling yet extremely loving personalities. In this period of change in consciousness, they bring with them deeper understandings to effectively deal with situations for the highest good of humanity.  Their loving approach helps to bring about consensus.  As such, they are different from past generations and we need to respect and honor what they bring in this world and support their new way of being.  Towards that end, we need to nurture their gifts and help bring them to full potential, allowing them to use their innate abilities as divine co-creators.


The younger generation is very much in tune with Reiki. Reiki empowerment helps them to deal with everyday situations in the least stressful manner, in relative calm, and in a balanced and harmonious fashion, while fostering their creative ability.  Reiki also helps them to learn about their bodies, their inner spirit, their personal power and their connection to the universal life force, which is unconditional love.  In essence, Reiki empowerment enhances and instills in children a greater sense of  intuition, inner-quietness, compassion, happiness, self-love, creativity, peace, and a connection to universal life force, which is universal love.