Reiki, when used on a consistent basis, teaches children to focus and ground themselves, to practice loving kindness, to develop self awareness, to tap into their own inner powers, to help them to relax and to learn selflessness, where they will be devoted to the welfare and interests of others as well as their own.  It will help them gain confidence and self esteem.  They will be more aware of their special place and purpose on this earth and their sacred connection to all living things.

In a participatory, loving, caring and sharing and fun-filled environment, children learn the basics of Reiki.  We use the child’s sensing mechanism as a means to demonstrating how to get in touch with their energy.  We use props such as the the Energy Ball which enables them to understand that they are electromagnetic beings as well as a physical being; Sensing their energy Field, by walking towards another person and noticing the energy between the two; the Energy Rods, which allow children to experience each others energy how positive attitudes keep their field bright and strong.  The child is supplied with a colouring-book-style-manual, which talks about Reiki history, Reiki concept, and other useful information.

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