Gold has a direct influence on the mental body.

The glands of the hypothalamus, the pituitary and all other organs are rich in this metal, affecting the entire organism. Gold acts as a mirror hook-up for personality and physical structure. Gold balance creates radiance around the body. Gold upsets are always associated with some loss of honor and integrity.

   Gold is the medium by which the spirit balances its own vital forces.


Silver has a direct influence on the emotional body.

Silver is an element that affects the processes of respiration and the elasticity of the entire system. It has a marked effect on the magnetic cohesion of the whole body. Therefore, it regulates oxygenation of certain organs and glands, especially those areas of the nervous system and brain that control the fluidity and water level of the body. This involvement occurs with the posterior pituitary, the hypothalamus, the thyroid and the kidneys.

   Silver glistens in and around the body.