Is your physical, emotional, mental health compromising your ability to live a well-balanced, happy, successful and vibrant life?  Are you feeling down, depressed, anxious about personal, family and financial matters, or simply not satisfied with your current situation?  Are you fed up with the side effects of medications? Every condition is reversible – you need not remain part of a statistic.


Welcome to Scalar Energy Technology in Quantum Sound Therapy that has the potential to free you from the bondage of self-imposed limitations by removing subconscious blockages that hold you back from leading life of happiness, joy, love and peace and move you forward in a meaningful way.



Our body is a wonderful mechanism designed to heal itself. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are intricately connected and as such each has an impact on the other. Thus, it is important that these four bodies be in balance and harmony for you to have a happy, healthy, meaningful and vibrant life.  This has the potential for you to shine your light for the greater good of all, while allowing yourself  to continuously represent the best in you.




Personal Sound Frequencies (PSF) will generate a graph of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, identifying the areas for you to deal with in the now. Listening to your PSF will remove your subconscious blockages that are undermining your potential.  You can use PSF for a wide range of applications:
  1. One on one PSF session for self
  2. Group Sound Frequency (GSF) session with:
    1. your spouse/ partner
    2. your spouse/ Partner and/or children
    3. family members
    4. Your child and teacher/ students
to harmonize the environment/ space, fostering unity.



How can Your Personal Sound Frequency shift your Consciousness?

Personal Sound Frequency is a great tool to help harmonize and balance your energy. Your symphony of energy is not always in balance. Your voice is the outbound representation of the inner being that you are.
Your 24-minute custom frequencies will teach your brain to retrain those parts of you that are in disharmony – our deepest patterns that are stopping us from moving forward. They are working simply by listening, and what can happen, is that it can bring us into our coherent state more rapidly.




Johnathan Colbert

Claudia Soul


Listen to the live interview on “Quantum Sound Therapy” with International Radio Show Host Johnathan Colbert and Co-host Claudia Soul on Inner Light Radio’s  Create Your Holistic Lifestyle Show” 

Start at 36 min.


What You can experience


The PSF session lasts for about an hour, seated in the comfort of our sacred space for healing. Your voice sample will be analyzed and you will get a reading of your graph. You will leave with a 24-minute PSF track for your listening pleasure. Listen to it as often as you can, anytime anywhere. This will lead to meaningful changes in you and when you are ready, come up for another PSF and monitor your progress.

All of this for a minimal cost of $40/- tax in.



Additional Packages:

Package 1 – $110 (tax in)

  • 24-min Personal Sound Frequency Track to take home for your listening pleasure and

  • 30-min Quantum Sound Therapy Treatment with Tesla IQube

Package 2 – $110 (tax in)

  • 45-min Quantum Sound Therapy Treatment with Tesla IQube

  • 45-min Reiki Treatment

Package 3 – $85 (tax in)

  • 60-min Quantum Sound Therapy Treatment with Tesla IQube

Package 4 – $160 (tax in)

  • 24-min Personal Sound Frequency Track to take home for your listening pleasure

  • 45 min Quantum Sound Therapy Treatment with Tesla IQube, and

  • 45-min Reiki Treatment

For your consideration: 15% discount on bulk buys (3 or 6 sessions). 


No one will be refused based on their ability to pay. We embrace “suggested heart offering”: Feel free to communicate.