Happiness is a state of being that may be achieved:


Through inner peace inner peace being a reflection of one’s outer environment, and by totally embracing our Divine Plan, recognizing that everything unfolds in harmony, balance and in perfect timing.



Are You Willing to Make the Paradigm Shift to Attain Inner Peace? Humanity is at the cross-roads of major change – an era of world peace.


This entails the elimination of dominance by individuals, institutions/groups, be they personal, religious, political or social in nature and the embracing of ‘individuality’ as part of the whole.


The change is intended to move humanity out of the duality concept and into the next level of consciousness – “Oneness of All”. At the latter level of consciousness, humanity will operate from a position of unconditional love, working for the greater good of all, sharing the abundance of responsibly-harvested resources.




Towards that end, we have to undergo a paradigm shift that will transform us from “I the Doer” (ego-centric self) to “I the Instrument” (humble self). This is achieved by changing perceptions and recognizing that what served us well in the past, may not serve us anymore. Quantum Sound Therapy can help change perceptions by removing subconscious blockages and self-sabotage practices to harmonize and balance oneself. Further, it is about taking responsibility for oneself, and not blaming self or others for the state of one’s Being, and achieving inner peace – inner peace being a reflection of one’s outer environment.