To understand the business energetic component, it is essential to understand Karma an important element that embodies the Law of Cause and Effect, Action and Reaction, Sequence and Consequence.  Every being in possession of individual self-consciousness and the intelligent power of choice, is a creator of Karmic causes.  The Law of Karma applies to everything in the manifested universe, which includes businesses/organizations.  Thus, all organizations also generate karma based on the energies they project within and outside the organization and both have an impact on the organization’s overall success.  The energetic component addresses the karmic element, and goes on to form a part of the whole that addresses business  in its entirety.


Understanding Energy Concept


Why do organizations get a person from outside to propose changes to a faltering business?  Businesses often seek external assistance to evaluate the modus operandi of the business to propose changes for improving performance.  This despite the fact that they may have internal knowledge/expertise.   However, the energies that are prevalent within the organization hampers the resolution of an innovative solution.  Hierarchical relationship within the organization together with corporate philosophy and reward system all energetically contribute to the outcome of the business.  Concepts that contribute to positive outcome include: self-empowerment; individuality as being part of the whole; sense of belonging; rewarding innovation/ ingenuity; working for the greater good of humanity.


Business Components


There are two components: business or operational component, and the energetic component.  Businesses place emphasis on the essential components such as structure, flow charts, processes, marketing, customer relationship, etc to be viable, competitive and maximize return on investment and in the process adopt business approaches that the employer resonates with.  However in the global competitive environment the (focus is) overemphasis is placed on the bottom line.  Nevertheless, few businesses around the globe that have focused on philanthropic approach to business have not only  excelled in the market place but have always retained a competitive edge and have come up with innovative products and services that sets them apart from their competitors.  In the process they create environment that fosters loving, compassionate and caring community.  A philanthropic approach, by its very nature, carries with it the energetic component that is absent in others – a component essential for overwhelming success.


The home and work environments of all employees as well as the employer are intermingled and as such each has an impact on the other.  An organization that has programs that foster well-being and self-empowerment of employees fosters a harmonious and balanced work and home environment and creates an asset that trumps all others.  The harmonious and balanced home and work environment resulting therefrom leads to happy, joyful employee with optimal performance and creates a bond of belonging.  In such an environment the employees recognize that there is ample room for growth within the organization as the latter too grows, lending to loyalty and stability for the organization as well as the employee.  The zeal of the employee in conjunction with the harmonious and balanced energy exuding from within and outside the organization, resulting therefrom, draws to itself more satisfied clients.  This lends to higher organizational profile and financial well-being, emulating leadership qualities.


The relationship between the organization and the client are intertwined and as such has an impact on the organization’s bottom line.  An organization that has programs that respect the well-being of their clients and creates energy flow that exudes love, compassion, care and respect creates a valuable loyal clientele following.  In such an environment the clients resonate with the values portrayed by the organization and recognize that they can always expect a quality product/service at a fair price.


When the business and the energy component complement each other, it allows for a seamless operation.  It permits the operational and the external relationships to operate in harmony and balance, to ensure an optimal outcome.


This holistic approach to a business that embodies the business and the energy component helps all employees to make informed decision that will permit them to:

  • incorporate oneness in their practices;
  • introduce progressive elements to further performance;
  • use balanced approach to complement work ethics and practices that has the potential to foster the signature performance of the organization, and
  • use the learned tools in the corporate world together with self-empowerment and project it into their personal life.  It has the potential to transform them and embrace the concept of “be the change you want to see” and bring about transformation in the world, making it a loving, caring compassionate place for all to witness.

Towards that end, an organization that embodies business, as well as the energetic component will develop uniqueness that will go on to form the signature of the organization – signature that sets it apart from its competitors.

REIKI-Business Transformation