Over the years, humanity has experimented with duality and exercised their free will and manifested various experiences on an individual as well as planetary level. In the process, they witnessed the complementary and adverse effects in nature of choices they have made and learned some valuable lessons. They have experimented both using ‘heart-centered’ approach and ‘self-centered’ approach.


In the heart-centered approach, humanity recognized that we all have a common purpose in life –to become one with the Creator. Thus, humanity embraced the principle of living in peace and harmony with each other and with nature, sharing the bounties/abundance of the planet for the greater good of all.


As we became mind-dominated, we became ‘self-centered’ – ‘I for myself ‘even if it means at the expense of others. We have allowed our mind to control us, rather than we controlling our minds. In the process, we became ego-centric.


This has culminated in establishing a belief system of “I the Doer” and promoted a culture of greed, power, control, and superiority, by fostering the attributes of greed, aggression, fear, anger, frustration – attributes that are intended to further separate humanity. Quantum Sound Therapy has the power and the capabilities to eliminate these negative attributes. See Personal Application and Business Application