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Develop Genius Clarity with Tesla IQube

Shift Your Vibration with YOUR Personal Sound Frequencies

Transformative & Increase the Depth of your Meditations

Evolve to Higher Consciousness

Strengthen Your Mind ~ Re-Train Your Quantum Brain

Achieve Inner Peace

Transform Business Environment into a Collaborative space

Cultivate Employer and Employee Relationship

Increase Business Group Synergy

Increase Employee Commitment and Performance

Increase & Enhance Client Loyalty

Develop Genius Clarity & Laser-Point Focus


Listen to the live interview on “Quantum Sound Therapy” with International Radio Show Host Johnathan Colbert and Co-host Claudia Soul on Inner Light Radio’s  “Create Your Holistic Lifestyle Show

Start at 36 min.

Hear directly from our clients...

“My Personal Sound Frequencies have provided both an efficient backdrop to, and a most interesting reading of my progress to date. Many thanks to Lise and Pesi!”      

  Johanne, Gatineau, Canada

“I have been listening to my PSF for 7 months now. I love how simple it is to play while I’m doing other things. I have experienced big shifts in emotional, spiritual and physical blockages that were holding me back. “

                                                                              David, Ottawa, Canada

“By listening to my Personal Sound Frequencies track, I have noticed a remarkable shift in embracing total acceptance of who I am and what is in my path.”      Jim, Ottawa, Canada

“I listened to the frequencies during my meditation practice. I was able to focus better and could feel the vibrations in my body.  Some frequencies were able to blend easier than others at first, after a couple of weeks, they all blended nicely. A more harmonious feeling overall.”

                                                                             Veronica, Ottawa, Canada

Structured Water



Super Hydration

Anti-aging Benefit

Supercalm Water



Stabilize & Calm Active Mind,

Fear & Stress

Spirit Molecule Water


Deep relaxation &

enhanced sense

of well-being


Support health, hydration &

well-being at new levels



Flush Toxins &

Increase Metabolism




Balancing Left & Right Brains

Processing & Letting Go

Paradigm Shift Through The Ottawa West Holistic Chamber of Commerce

We launched the Ottawa West Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, October 2014, with endorsement from Mayor Jim Watson, who recognized HCC’s value to entrepreneurs (international) from all sectors of the economy. Says Jim Watson: “The chapter will serve as an important hub to promote holistic, natural and sustainable products and services… forming benevolent alliances and empowering others to adopt a holistic path in the business operations and life style.”
Our objective was to foster change-makers by providing collaborative and partnership opportunities and to grow members’ businesses. We had renowned speakers, round table discussions, etc on topics ranging from business & personal development, unity field healing, to Vedic Palmistry/ Astrology, to name a few.
Change is the only constant in life. As such, we are pleased to announce our dynamic new leader, Stephen Whitely who will continue to lead the group in the novel direction. Reach out and contact him at  happinessworks4u@gmail.com or 613-857-5814.
Stepping down from our leadership role has allowed us to embark on Quantum Sound Therapy, a visionary technology that has the potential to accelerate change and foster spiritual growth. It has been an honour serving the community.
In Gratitude,


Lise Desjardins, President & Pesi Shroff, Vice President

Our Mission


Through the medium of healing, self-healing, personal growth and self-empowerment, using conventional methods and technology, Golden Light Therapies aims to self-empower, nurture and provide guidance to individuals and groups to navigate the human ship through the minefields of life’s navigable waters, be it in the home or work environment, and bring her safely home!!!


Golden Light Therapies  assists individuals and groups to:

  • tap into their creative abilities

  • harmonize their personal and work environment

  • manifest abundance for self and for the greater good of humanity

  • reap their full potential — furthering happiness, joy, good health, prosperity, unconditional love, light and peace on the planet.       Read More…


Are You Being Your Authentic Self?

With competing interests in the harsh environment, happiness has eluded humanity. Over the years, humanity started moving towards external medium/source in the form of materialism in pursuit of happiness,  albeit without success.


Happiness is a state of being that may be achieved through inner peace: inner peace being a reflection of one’s outer environment, and by totally embracing our Divine Plan, recognizing that everything unfolds in harmony, balance and in perfect timing.


Are You Willing to Make the Paradigm Shift Essential to Attain Inner Peace?          Read more…