The Holistic Chamber of Commerce has come to Ottawa!


The Ottawa Chapter of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, an international organization whose vision is “healthier people on healthier planet” has come to town.


We are looking for a diverse group of professionals and businesses who embrace a ‘holistic approach’ in their ventures across the socio-economic and health spectrum – our mantra is “no type of holistic business left behind”.


Are you looking:

  • for a forum to network with like-minded individuals and businesses across the socioeconomic and health spectrum who have embraced a holistic approach?
  • for developing skill-sets and keeping pace with new developments within the holistic field that furthers your well-being and helps you strive for excellence?
  • to share your knowledge and experience with people within any industry and the public at large for the benefit of all?
  • to grow your business along the continuum of holistic approach?
  • to improve the level of your client satisfaction?

Then look no further, come and join North America’s 69th Chapter, Ottawa West HCC – an energetic venue where like-minded people can engage, educate and empower their businesses.


Says Chapter President Lise: “I recognize that when like-minded people come together towards a common cause, anything is possible”. She is committed to helping transform businesses and individuals alike and help them perform to their fullest. In the process, creating a network of dynamic, forward-looking, passionate individuals and businesses, who complement and collaborate with each other and help their own businesses grow.


We provide the framework within which members share information, concepts, brainstorm and come up with innovative approaches and solutions for their mutual benefit and form strategic alliances to bring to fruition their vision. This chapter is driven by the vision that embodies that of Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


We recognize that the future ahead is paved in the ‘holistic’ approach. Let us weave together a solid all-inclusive network of professionals, practitioners and businesses that take on this challenge and rapidly bring to fruition our dream of making holistic approach the primary way where humanity becomes the beneficiary.


Guided by the urge to improve the quality of life, a healthier world and foster good business practices, we encourage and support all professionals and businesses that help make it happen.


Contact President Lise Desjardins:

613 795 1469 or


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