Come Experience & Learn how you can unlock your subconscious blockages through scalar energy technology. Your voice is your energy signature, better than your DNA.

You will experience the energy of “iQube” and/or take home your own set of Personal Sound Frequencies (PSF). We use software program developed by Quantum Sound Therapy, to create a unique set of frequencies specifically designed to help harmonize you.

For transformational group experience, we use: scalar energy, structured water and group specific Quantum sounds. These “group specific sounds” are created by taking a 10 second voice sample from the group, analyzed by the world’s leading voice analysis software and a soundtrack is created. This soundtrack is then played through the scalar energy devices and speakers to create a unique group meditation. This unique combination of sound and quantum scalar energy supports you to release numerous energetic blocks that hold you back from finding your own inner guidance.  Each group meditation provides a unique transformation opportunity for you.

Take home your own PSF. Nothing to learn; simply by listening to them, You align YOUR energy, let go of subconscious blocks, harmonize your body and attain inner peace.

Fees: Admission $10/ For graph interpretation & 25-min Personal sound track $30 ONLY.

Limited seating! Call or RSVP to book your place, Oct 28 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Pesi: & Lise Desjardins: lise or (613) 795-1469