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Through the medium of healing, self-healing, personal growth and self-empowerment, Golden Light Therapies aims to:

  • self-empower,
  • nurture and
  • provide guidance to individuals and groups to navigate the human ship through the minefields of life’s navigable waters, be it in the home or work environment, and bring her safely home!!!        Read More…



Have you been feeling tired? Do you feel you are depleted of energy? You are not alone. Most of humanity, work with only 10-15% of energy in the present. The remaining 85%-90% of the energy is leaked either to the past, the future or both. However, one can be with 100% energy in the present by stopping the leakage in their energy. This is achievable by remaining in the present, in the Here and Now. Read more….

Does Materialism Bring You Lasting Happiness?

With competing interests in the harsh environment, happiness has eluded humanity. Over the years, humanity started moving towards external medium/source in the form of materialism in pursuit of happiness, albeit without success. Read more…